DevOps Developer

Our team is looking for passionate developers of all levels (Associate, Mid, Senior, and Lead) to join our Professional Services team. This position is full time remote with a preference for candidates based in Sardinia, Italy.

You will be joining a team entrusted by enterprise clients in numerous industries to help identify, design, and implement solutions for their critical business challenges. A team that is committed to solving some of the biggest software challenges, tackle some of the most advanced concepts and who are willing to learn, love and enjoy the experience along the way.

Job Specifications

The ideal DevOps Developer candidate will be proficient with DevOps tools and methodologies involved in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and ready to enable our strategic customers to maintain high productivity in their Kubernetes environments.

If you are not daunted by challenges and are interested in being an innovator in the cloud frontier let us know.

Work area & Type of engagement

Full time; residence somewhere in Sardinia is preferred; the organization of work can be discussed.


  • 5+ years development or DevOps experience
  • Experience creating CI/CD pipelines and with CI tools (Jenkins/Tekton/Travis/etc.)
  • Experience building applications for Kubernetes (Kubernetes Operator, Custom Resource Definition, etc.)
  • Experience on Security
    • Kubernetes RBAC & Security Model, TLS, Secrets
    • Knowledge of OWASP vulnerabilities database
    • Keycloak & IDMS, OIDC Configuration
  • Familiarity with enterprise architecture concerns (networking, high availability, clustering, etc.)
  • Understanding of Microservice Architecture Style
  • Understanding of Micro Frontend Architecture Style
  • Knowledge of RESTful JSON APIs and in general of REST architecture styles
  • Experience with SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Liquibase, Oracle, other RDBMS)
  • Familiar with the Open Source lifecycle
  • Experience in designing and developing web applications
  • Experience developing software frameworks intended to be used by other developers
  • Experienced in Scrum and Agile practices
  • Experienced in Test Driven Development
  • Experience with distributed version control (Git and Github)
  • Comfortable with Docker, Maven, NPM, JBoss, Linux (Centos, RHEL)
  • Fluent spoken and written English communication skills

        We’ll be especially impressed if you have:

        • Experience working directly with clients in a services or consulting capacity
        • Experience with OpenShift
        • Experience in Golang coding
        • Experience with Java

              Other information

              We value a healthy organization above all. The impact of our work is obvious, highly visible and immediate. We build a work environment where people are looking forward to Mondays as much as to Fridays. To put it simply: we get along with each other so we’re looking for a very collaborative person, no one-man band profile. Strong tech skills must be combined with a desire to own something big, from start to finish. Language agnostic. If you are interested in learning new things, we're interested in teaching you.

              Here are some of our perks:

              • Work remotely. Entando is committed to remote development.
              • Great work-life balance
              • Professional development, career development & career planning
              • High caliber, high quality team
              • Values-driven organization
              • Innovation sessions (where we welcome ALL employee ideas)
              • High impact, high visibility projects
              • Open source, upstream community development

              Privacy information

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